Constantly Distracted

If I say that getting distracted a lot during the day leads to an unfocused mind, most (if not all) of you would probably agree. Yet most of us sit back and, unknowingly, let it happen.

Now, this is not about the obvious negative influences of being interrupted during work, but about how we handle the moments in between our active periods. More specifically about how constant social activity and ready access to entertainment is lowering our overall focus.

As I said, this is not about procrastination, but almost about the opposite. As part of the younger generation, I’ve had access to either smartphones or computers for most of my life, and as long as those things have been around, social networks have been there in one form or another. Either chats, forums, Facebook or text-messages.
During the last few years, sites like 4chan or 9gag have sprung up, and added yet another thing to keep us occupied.

Those things are not, in and of themselves, negative influences, but they are becoming filler in our lives; filling the spaces in between our social, physical or productive activities. Never letting our minds rest. From we get up in the morning till we go to sleep at night, we occupy our minds.

Before smartphones became as prominent as they are now, the mind had to keep itself busy during the daily downtime. Now we check Facebook or the latest news on the web, any time we get. Constantly working. Constantly absorbing. Never resting.

It’s not healthy.
The mind needs some time to think once in a while.
Try to go a day without checking your phone every time you’re not doing anything. Try not to bring it everywhere you go. Like the bathroom. You’ll find that your thoughts begin to become more coherent, and your imagination will start to spring to life. Like the good old days.

Final thoughts

Phones are a fantastic invention, and the social networks give us a phenomenal possibility to stay in touch with friends and family across enormous distances. But you have to remember you. The world is great, but you are greater. Alone time is important, never forget that.