Rooster Teeth Podcast Database

Framework: Laravel

Let me preface this with: I’m a huge fan of pretty much all things Rooster Teeth.

A while back I heard it through the grapevine, that the existing Rooster Teeth Podcast database had gone out of commission.
Since I had my daughter, I had been needing a good ol’ fashioned side project, so this seemed like a slam dunk.

During my research into how I was going to make the site, I found quite a few Rooster Teeth Podcast databases, so to set mine apart from the others, I decided that my version of the database would also search transcripts of the episodes.
This of course meant that I had to transcribe over 400 individual episodes. A seamingly insurmountable task.

I decided to use Google Cloud Speech as the driving force of the transcriptions, but as with everything extremely complicated (like transcribing hundreds of hours of speech), the work done by a computer had to be proofed by a human. So not only did I have to build a transcription engine, but I had to build an interface for users to proofread the generated text. And because there is a human element to the equation, there has to be other humans to make sure the first humans don’t deliberately mess things up.

I believe that speech recognition and human proofreading is the most effective way of transcribing, and that is still my belief after having finished this project.