Steam API

Link: Steam API
Framework: Laravel

In cooperation with f00d (the person behind The Wheelhaus), I’ve made a Steam API, designed to keep itself up to date and return 8 random games, filtered by categories and genres.

The reason behind this project was the lack of a proper API from Steam. Following their official guidelines, you’re only able to get the name, app id and image of the game. You can’t even get the categories, genres, descriptions or reviews of a game. Luckily, we have Steam Big Picture Mode, which runs partially through an internal API - that we can access. The only issues then are:

  • Lack of a thorough “list all games” API end point.

  • A serious request amount limit (i.e. 20 requests per 30 seconds).

What we’re left with, is the job of getting a list of all app ids, and slowly running through all of them, until we have all the data we need.